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Amanda on March 1st, 2008
Paques en Quercy

Paques en Quercy

It is going to be an early Easter, and in the Quercy a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of food – the other matter being on his mind all year round.
All the markets are stuffed to bursting with bitter spring greens, tender and delicious; points de chou, broccoli de pays, navet and colza. The fabulous poultry stalls are lining up duckling and guinea fowl, pigeon – still considered a delicacy in this land of gastronomy, and correspondingly expensive – and delectable little quail. It’s a family time, and feasting is what most families will do for much of Easter day. We will have family visiting too, and we will take them to one of our favourite little restaurants, tucked away and almost anonymous – as most good restaurants are – in an old converted house in Castelfranc. Read More »

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