Amanda on September 15th, 2006
Wild Cep

Wild Cep

Automne Porc aux Cèpes Sauvage

Autumn is the perfect time for this delicious recipe, cèpes abound in the countryside and there are always plenty of enterprising locals in the markets who’ve taken the back break out of the endeavour for you! Autumn is also the time for inexpensive pork. You can find huge trays of it prepared by the excellent butchers in the supermarkets and in the markets you’ll find the smaller farmers have dropped their prices accordingly. In France loin is the definitive roasting joint and there are always plenty of long, luscious rolled and tied rotis available.

A friend of mine uses them to make an excellent pork confit at this time of year, in the traditional way, in glass preserving jars. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to have a crack as soon as I find time. Once I’ve perfected the recipe I’ll pass it on. Meanwhile try this one. It’s quick, easy, utterly delectable and just the thing for a special supper. Read More »

Pork Loin with Wild Ceps Recipe from French Life