Amanda on November 2nd, 2010
Cenac In The Mist

Cenac Through The Mist

Mists drift past the dripping hills, shrouding the oaks and walnuts in their delicate, damp veils.  As they shift and part shafts of topaz light pierce the scene and a breathtaking world emerges.  The countryside is spiced with cinnamon and saffron, peppered with cayenne. Autumn has finally arrived in all her blazing glory.  I drive down through the valley passing gilded vineyards of breathtaking beauty, line upon line of flame haired maidens swaying to the rustle and rhythm of the leaves in a vast Celtic dance. Read More »

Autumn In The Quercy from French Life

Amanda on October 1st, 2006
Morning Mist

Morning Mist

October has stolen in with her spectacular mists and temperate breezes bringing in her wake a flurry of seasonal activity. It’s the time of the vendanges and in the Quercy that doesn’t just mean the grapes but the walnuts too. All day long you can see the tall, blue harvesters sailing over the vineyards like land-loving catamarans. At night you can still hear the distinctive drone and spot the vineyards by the lights as an indefatigable workforce press on well after dark. By nine o’clock the buzz gradually ceases and lines of lights appear bumping down the tracks. It’s dinnertime and not even the lure of a bumper harvest safely gathered will come between a Frenchman and a good dinner. The narrow lanes are crowded with tractors now too; there are squashed grapes on every hairpin bend and the odd ancient beast, spewing disconnected fragments of rusty metal abandoned in disgust by the side of the road. Read More »

Misty Mornings in the Lot from French Life