Amanda on June 1st, 2006
Albas Wine Festival

Albas Wine Festival

We’re all recovering from one of the most arduous fetes of the year! Albas Wine Festival is an outstanding event. Six or seven thousand people – according to the Mairie – crammed tightly into one of the smallest and prettiest villages on the river. Naturally we always feel obliged to attend, as we happen to be in the commune of Albas. So – purely in the course of duty – we went along to sample this year’s vintages. It happened to be an exceptionally hot day and by six o’clock the narrow road that winds downhill to the little medieval village was shimmering in a heat haze. After payment of our statutory twelve euros and receipt of the little glass engraved with the legend:
Le bon air est dans les caves
27th Mai 2006 – Albas

We were free to wander the cobbled streets and imbibe as much as we liked of the nine wines on offer. Now if you happen to be doing this in a truly scholarly sense – as of course I was – it soon becomes a little tricky to distinguish one from another, if you happen to have an empty tummy as well it rapidly becomes rather difficult to walk in a straight line! I reached this point in the cool darkness of cave number six. These caves are the original cellars of the village houses, hewn out of the very rock on which Albas was built. I found myself leaning against the wall grinning inanely at the Maire. Shortly afterwards I was force fed a Rocamadour sandwich to sober me up. Read More »

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Amanda on June 13th, 2005
Albas Wine Festival

Albas Wine Festival

Largest Cahors wine festival in one tiny village
Albas is a charming little village, built entirely of the local stone and wedged precariously into a rocky cleft on the left bank of the river. The population is normally pretty stable at around 500 – that’s if you include all the surrounding farms and hamlets – but on one particular day each May it swells to over six thousand. It’s the day of the annual fête du vin and the whole village bows in worship of the grape and gives itself up to the pleasures of the table. The thought of six thousand inebriated people crammed into little Albas was arresting, to say the least; surely they’d be falling into the river? I decided I’d better go along – purely in the course of duty – to see what it was all about and what measures had been taken to prevent a watery end. Read More »

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