Amanda on December 21st, 2011

Merry Berry ChristmasThe hedgerows and woodlands of the Quercy are shining with lustrous treasure.  Tangles of wild rosehips drip with dew and glint in the early morning sunlight, whilst flame coloured pyracanthas blaze along the broken walls of some ancient stronghold and the tempting but deadly berries of black bryony string themselves through drying teasels like a newly polished ruby necklace laid out for my lady’s approval.  Holly doesn’t feature here in this arid, rocky land, but the butcher’s broom, ruscus aculeatus fills its place admirably.  I walked through the crackling leaves in an otherwise silent world, marketing basket on one arm and secateurs in my hand, gathering nature’s bounty to adorn my Christmas front door.  Another slight issue I had to overcome was the lack of florist’s ring.  That sturdy wire base one can buy everywhere in garden centres nowadays – except in France.  I had therefore decided that this creation would be a first principles affair, from twigs and moss to the berries themselves. Read More »

Merry Berry Holiday from French Life