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Amanda on June 9th, 2010


Warm breezes caress my bare shoulders as I sit on the terrace amongst my lemon trees.  Despite their diminutive size, the amazing scent of their blossom is almost overwhelming.  At the bottom of the garden I can hear the first of the season’s cicadas screaming – the heralds of hot weather – and I sigh in contentment.  Nowhere is summer more seductive than in the Quercy.
Down in the markets the early summer fruits are rolling in.  Prayssac was awash with cherries this morning, huge black Burlats, tart and exciting, laid in vast piles on the wooden tables, the dusky scarlet Bigareaux just beginning to nudge them out.  They are late this year and before long will be replaced by the honey-sweet, fuzzy golden globes of the early apricots, and everywhere the fragrant aroma of the Garriguette strawberry. Read More »

Warm June In The Quercy from French Life