Amanda on May 4th, 2010
Cistus - Rock Rose

Quercy Cistus

May in southern France is like June in England.  Soft air, the first of the season’s brides, markets stuffed with hopeful herbs and leggy tomato plants – and roses, roses all the way.  The huge gallica by my kitchen door is smothered in breaking bud, lime green goblets filled with a deep magenta that simply spells summer.  Very soon the whole bush will be completely hidden in a mass of blooms, suffusing the air with that rich, inimitable fragrance that must have scented the courtyards of Damascus for so many years.  Of course May is not only the month of roses, it’s also the month where the true Mediterranean shrubs come into their own, none more glorious than that flamboyant little number, the cistus.  Read More »

Lovely May In The Quercy from French Life