Amanda on May 15th, 2007
Artichoke Salad

Artichoke Salad

Salade Albasienne

When I first came to live in this glorious part of France I had a good long meeting with the local Maire. We talked about schools and children and local services – all the usual things – then got on to fêtes and food. Finally, as twelve o’ clock approached and his tummy began to signal its need for immediate sustenance, he stood up, shook my hand and announced.
Et voila, Madame! Vous êtes une Albasienne.’
And so I have christened my favourite salad Albasienne. The ingredients are all local, available in every market, grown in the garden or picked from the hedgerows. It’s just the thing for a summer lunch. Read More »

Artichoke and Rocamadour Salad from French Life

Amanda on May 1st, 2007


Welcome to lovely May in southern France, it must be the prettiest time of year. Café tables spread optimistically across cobbled pavements; oleanders, palms and potted olive trees screen clients from the traffic. They sit there with their ice-cold beer or delicately tinted kirs, pale arms tentatively exposed to the caressing warmth of the Mediterranean sun, shorts and sandals or white linen dresses, sunglasses of course and a bottle of Ambre Solaire. Summer has arrived.

In the markets the beautiful Marmande tomatoes have made their debut, bulging on all sides, bursting with flavour and polished to crimson perfection. Read More »

Flavours of Summer Living from French Life